Why a School?

If we asked the question “Who is responsible for training and educating children?” We understand that parents are responsible for the training of their children. What does that look like in this day and age? This responsibility can be overwhelming to the average parent. But this responsibility does not necessarily mean that they must literally be the ones teaching every subject to their children. Families throughout history have provided education for their children in different ways such as hiring tutors, and sending them to some kind of school or special classes, camps, or programs.

Community and master teacher student relationships

We believe that an effective way to provide the highest quality education is to bring students into a community of their peers who sit under the instruction of a master teacher, who understands his subject well, is gifted in teaching, and will be a positive Christian guide and mentor to his students.
We live in an increasingly fragmented culture that is working hard to drive a wedge between the generations, the sexes, classes, races, etc. Today that fragmentation has created an almost infinite number of subcultures and micro identities which results in a personal isolation. Despite all the current discourse about the joys of multiculturalism, we are in actuality witnessing the deconstruction of all culture, rather than seeing the preserving and passing down of any culture, including the Christian culture.
We believe a school can provide an environment where parents, teachers and staff, and students can interact with each other in a shared community with a common culture. A community where parents know and trust the teachers. A community where teachers, who are masters in their subjects, both instruct and mentor students. A community where students learn to think and communicate with their peers while learning about our shared Christian heritage which is the story of God’s providence over time.
It is our goal, therefore, to hire teachers who are thoroughly educated and deeply knowledgable in the area in which they are teaching. That means our literature teachers will be masters in literature, our math teachers will be mathematicians, our history teachers, historians, and so on.

Playing The Long Game

The other thing we are interested in is playing the long game. By God’s grace and providence, we want to build something that will outlast us personally.

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