Veritas Christi Classical Academy

Welcome to the future website of Veritas Christi Classical Academy. We are a brand new start-up Classical Christian school in Stevens Point Wisconsin. It is our hope that we will open our doors in the fall 0f 2022. If you are interested in knowing more about this exciting endeavor, please reach out to us.

What is Classical Education?

Classical Christian education is an intentional approach to teaching and learning that integrates the following key elements:

A Christian Lens: 

All subjects are taught through the lens of a solid Christian worldview.

Tools of the Trivium: 

The skills of grammar, logic and rhetoric are taught and emphasized at the proper stage of development.

Classic Content: 

The content of the canon of Western Civilization, including the Great Books, is taught throughout.

A Three Part Strategy

Sound Theology

Ground our students in the firm foundation of sound theology

Seven Liberal Arts

Arm our students with the skills of the Seven Liberal Arts.

Classical Content

Expose our students to the works of the Great Books. Reading and studying the classics will equip our students as they engage in the Great Conversation.