Perilous Times

We are living in perilous times. Secularism has permeated every institution and the result has been a widespread proliferation of anti-Christian ideologies. From the birth of our nation, Christians have enjoyed a freedom that has been truly a blessing for us. Over the past 100 years, however, government education system has been indoctrinating our children so successfully, that we now are face to face with the realization that we are not living in a Christian nation anymore, and in fact we are living in an openly hostile anti-Christian environment.

Keep watch There is a reason that Scripture uses phrases like, keep watch, stay awake, contend, defend, instruct, teach, admonish, hold fast, stand firm. The world knows that the best way to shift a culture is to start with education. The government system has been successful in that it has become the dominant educational over the past hundred years.

Counter movement Fortunately over the past few decades we have seen a God-directed counter movement being raised up. Homeschooling, and Christian schools have begun popping up more and more. We want to fan the flames of this movement by starting a Classical Christian school here in Stevens Point.

Not away but toward We don’t want to simply want to remove our kids from all the bad stuff that permeates the government schools. We want their education to be much much better. We want to give them the highest quality education to equip them to not only stand firm on the foundation of Christ, but excel in all areas of knowledge and wisdom.

In this video, Doug Wilson and Ben Merkle, discuss why Christians should remove their children from government schools.

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