Portrait of a Graduate

By God’s Sovereign Grace a Graduate of veritas Christi will be:

A True Christian

His Christian worldview permeates everthing he thinks about, does and says. He is equipped with the knowledge of sound theology, and that understanding informs they way he lives. He habitually reads and enjoys studying scripture. He is and active and faithful member in his local church.

A Wise and Discerning Thinker

He understands and uses logic skillfully, and is able think clearly and discern between truth and error in both his own mind and in the thinking of others.

An Articulate Communicator

He has a command of language and speaks and writes with clarity, wisdom and eloquence.

An Inquisitive Scholar

He has a curious mind, and is a lover of knowledge who continuously seeks to educate himself in the pursuit of truth.

A Virtuous Ambassador

He is a practitioner of the good and he appreciates and creates beauty as he actively engages in the world around him.