Marno Retief

marnoretiefDr Marno Retief holds a PhD in practical theology (homiletics) from North-West University. Dr Retief’s doctoral dissertation, entitled, “Enabling faith: Towards a Pentecostal homiletical strategy for shaping disability-friendly congregations”, focused on how preachers may approach the ministry of preaching in a way that cultivates and advances the inclusion of people with disabilities in the local church. He also holds an MTh in systematic theology and BPhil in Bible interpretation from the University of Stellenbosch.

As an ordained Pentecostal pastor (Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa), Dr Retief is committed to emphasising the fundamental importance of the person and work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer, and the life of the Church, the Body of Christ. Nevertheless, Dr Retief has also seriously explored other expressions of the Christian faith, most notably the faith and worship of the Reformed churches, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Anglican Communion. He is fully committed to the cause of Christian unity and believes that Christians from various denominations should work together in living and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Dr Retief founded Veritas Christi Evangelistic Association in November 2016. He also serves as the Operational and IT Manager of the interdenominational Bible distribution ministry, Bibles for Everyone. Furthermore, he has been involved as an adjunct theology lecturer at Cornerstone Institute and Cape Town Biblical College.

Marno has a great love for music – he plays drums, piano, bass guitar, as well as writing and singing his own songs. As a drummer, he has had the privilege of recording and performing with some well-known South African artists.

Marno is married to Benita – together they are the proud parents of two lovely daughters. He and his family reside in the Western Cape region of South Africa.